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Runsun Technology Runsuntech Introduced The Fastest Wi-Fi DTU Module
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Runsun Technology Runsuntech introduced the fastest Wi-Fi DTU Module to industry

2016/3/24 Beijing


In the field of IOT applications, more and more embedded electronic devices use Wi-Fi technology to connect to the local server, or access the Internet, to achieve data upload/download, remote control, cloud computing and other functions. Most of these embedded devices have no rich system resources or powerful operating system, in particular, network protocols. General Wi-Fi network card (module) can only support Windows, Linux and Android such OS systems, which do not meet the application requirements of small embedded systems. The existing UART interface embedded Wi-Fi module can only provide throughput rate below 2Mbps, which is far below the high bandwidth Wi-Fi protocol can provide.

       The RSW126 high speed Wi-Fi DTU module developed by Beijing Runsun Technology Co., Ltd (Runsuntech here after), can provide high capability of data transmission for small embedded systems. The table below is comparison between the RSW126 module and other modules.


 20160330 ģԱ en.jpg


NoteTest with 1x1 antenna, which is common in IoT application;


According to the table above, RSW126 is the best choice for small embedded systems such as remote control car or UAV, which have requirement of large amount of data transmission as audio/video, and quick launch at the same time.



RSW126 Product Photo



RSW126 system architecture




The throughput rate of RSW126 can reach 15Mbps; the testing system introduction is as following.

            20160330 ϵͳ.jpg

RSW126 throughput testing system introduction


The module host system RSWV100 evaluation board (EVB) integrated with RSW100 secondary development platform is also developed by Beijing Runsun Technology Co., Ltd. The main technical features of RSWV100 are as follows: 32bit CPU with 160MHz, 448KB RAM,  FreeRTOS.

    20160330 ϵͳʵͼen.jpg

RSW126 throughput rate testing system picture


Run iperf software on the test machine to start a TCP server, wait for the RSW126 module to establish a TCP client connection, and then send data to the test machine TCP server, the test result is as following:


20160330 Iperf1.jpg

TCP send performance testing result of RSW126


Run iperf software on the test machine to start a TCP client to connect to the TCP Server established by RSW126, and then sends data to TCP Server; the test result is as following:

20160330 Iperf2.jpg

TCP receive performance testing result of RSW126


What the key know technology for RSW126 to achieve such a high throughput rate? Let`s analyze the factors and advantages of RSW126 that affect the throughput.


RSW126 module uses high-speed SPI interface to communicate with host system, the maximum bus frequency is 50MHz, and network throughput is up to 15Mbps. The module integrates all network protocols, supports IEEE802.11b/g/n standard, supports 10 TCP connections, 6 UDP connections, and supports smart config provisioning method. The module provides a cross-platform host driver software, which is programmed with C language (ANSI C89), and cost very little resources (code RAM<6KB data RAM<4KB), very easy porting to all kinds of embedded host platform.


Customers of Runsun technology have tested all the existing Wi-Fi modules that support high speed transmission. The test result proved that RSW126 has advantages of cost less host resources consumption, lower power consumption, flexible configuration, and 2 times higher throughput rate than other modules.

20160330 ͸ģԱ en.jpg

NoteڣSPEC value listed, the connection cannot be established in lab.


Although the RSW126 can reach 15Mbpsin the laboratory, what occasions can it be used? How can it affect the smart product market?


The RSW126 module can provide 15Mbps throughput rate without increasing load of host machine, which is very suitable for wireless transmission of audiovideo and a large amount of data. In addition the modules can work very quickly after power-up. The application instances are as following:


Case1: household electrical appliance (reference picture)


20160330 ܼҵ.jpg


Case2: smart toy (reference picture)


20160330 .jpg


Case3: Wi-Fi audio (reference picture)


20160330 WiFi.jpg


Case4: auto reverse image(reference picture)


20160330 Ӱ.jpg


Case5: UAV (reference picture)


20160330 ˻.jpg


Corporation Introduction

Beijing Runsun Technology Co., Ltd was founded by several microelectronic veterans who shared common ambitions. Through their ten-plus years of work experiences in NXP, Huawei, Actions, Vimicro and CEC Huada and their rich experiences accumulated in RF and mixed-signal IC design and software, the Company has managed to achieve market successes in smart home, network, wearable device, mini speaker and other applications. The Company has an enormous gathering of topnotch architects and engineers in RF technology, wireless transmission, embedded processing, cloud/terminal system program who, relying on their deep understanding of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee, design and develop high-performance and highly integrated IOT core modules and system products and basic cloud and terminal application systems and platforms based on embedded wireless (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Sub-1g) infrastructure technologies and offer diversified and complete "turn-key" solutions covering cloud service, terminal service and smart device to clients, hence assisting our clients to accomplish their industrial IOT products and applications in a quality and efficient manner.

As The Analects of Confucius says, "There are three types of beneficial friends and three types of harmful friends. It is good to make friends who are upright, creditable and knowledgeable". Committed to becoming beneficial friends of our clients, we always try to realize win-win partnership with them and turn our company into a hi-tech IOT enterprise that serves the society well.



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