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    Beijing Runsun Technology Co., Ltd was founded by several microelectronic veterans who shared common ambitions.  Through their ten-plus years of work experiences in NXP, Huawei, Actions, Vimicro and CEC Huada and their rich experiences accumulated in RF and mixed-signal circuit design and software, the Company has managed to achieve market successes in smart home, network, wearable device, mini speaker and other applications. The Company has an enormous gathering of topnotch architects and engineers in RF technology, wireless transmission, embedded processing, cloud/terminal system program who, relying on their deep understanding of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee, design and develop high-performance and highly integrated IOT core modules and system products and basic cloud and terminal application systems and platforms based on embedded wireless (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Sub-1g) infrastructure technologies and offer diversified and complete "turn-key" solutions covering cloud service, terminal service and smart device to clients, hence assisting our clients to accomplish their industrial IOT products and applications in a quality and efficient manner.

    As The Analects of Confucius says, "There are three types of beneficial friends and three types of harmful friends. It is good to make friends who are upright, creditable and knowledgeable". Committed to becoming beneficial friends of our clients, we always try to realize win-win partnership with them and turn our company into a hi-tech IOT enterprise that serves the society well. 

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